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Doors & Windows

McDonald’s Resaurants, Nationwide


As part of a national refurbishment programme for McDonald’s, the installation of high quality automatic doors from DORMA at 169 restaurants across the UK is proving vital in delivering the utmost levels of safety and convenience.

Appointed to supply automatic door operators for installation throughout the country, DORMA’s modern, sleek and stylish automatic doors help to provide a reliable and pleasant experience for customers entering the restaurants, as well as offering a stable and comfortable environment for those dining inside.

Designed to meet the functional and aesthetic requirements of virtually every automatic sliding door application, DORMA ES 200 automatic door operators were specified for their sleek design, reliability and service backup.

Easy to install and set-up, it features a powerful motor and a dynamic acceleration/deceleration control capability to ensure reliable operation. The operating performance of the ES 200 is matched by its clean design that complements any interior scheme – including the distinctive McDonald’s restaurant design.

With almost silent operation and a microprocessor that automatically controls the doors’ opening and closing speeds for additional safety, the ES 200 meets all of the functional demands of a highly-trafficked restaurant entrance whilst also combining functionality with an aesthetic elegance.

For entrances where space is restricted, such as with refurbishment schemes, swing door operators are a convenient solution. Combining quiet operation and DORMA’s slimline Contur design, the ED 100 Low Energy operator can be easily integrated into virtually any environment and will help to avoid heat loss and contribute to the reduction of the restaurant chain’s overall carbon footprint.

Specified for their robustness, reliability, green credentials and nationwide backup service, the DORMA ED 100 Low Energy units were provided with a range of operating modes which enable the doors to be opened under power when required and used as conventional manual swing doors at all other times.

They are especially suitable for external doors, even in tough conditions, such as wind loads acting on the door leaves or in very cold environments; in Automatic mode DORMA ED100 operators recognise and compensate for such weather effects to provide exceptional reliability, safety and user convenience.

With hundreds of customers passing through the doors every day, DORMA automatic door operators will help to provide the comfort and convenience that customers have come to expect when dining at the one of the world’s largest fast food chains.

For more information on DORMA’s range of automatic products visit www.dormashow.com