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Extractor Units News

Minimal appearance, maximum performance


Built-in extractor hoods deliver the clean uncluttered look and the efficient use of space that homeowners are increasingly looking for. They provide an understated and powerful answer to cooking requirements and, being elegantly concealed within the kitchen cabinetry, are often the choice for open plan living or other kitchens with a minimalist style.

Elica offers a range of high-performance built-in models with extraction rates of more than 600 m3/h, whilst maintaining low noise levels. Many models are very slim, making them ideal for UK specification cabinets and come in a choice of stainless steel, soft black and white glass finishes to blend in even more with the cabinetry. They offer super easy installation in either duct-out or re-circulating mode.

New to the Elica range is SLEEK 2.0 ADVANCE, with Elica’s Airmatic function that uses  smart sensors to monitor air quality and set the most suitable power level even when you are no longer cooking. This provides the optimum balance between performance, energy efficiency and low noise levels. Available in 60cm and 80cm widths, it is rated as Energy Efficiency Class A with a maximum airflow of 690 m³/h. The LED lighting comes with a dimmer as well as Elica’s “Tune White” feature so homeowners can adapt the intensity and the warmth of the light to create the desired atmosphere and match other nearby lighting.

The Elica BOXIN range is ideally suited to “continental” style cabinets without cut-out bases.  The units disappear completely, effectively replacing the bottom of the wall unit. Within the BOXIN range are four models. All available in 60, 90 and 120cm sizes. BOXIN LUX is a powerful and competitive entry level model. BOXIN HE has a very high performance and perimeter aspiration.  Where condensation is a problem there is BOXIN DRY and BOXIN Advance has the highest performance and AIRMATIC function.


for customers on more modest budgets Elica offers the FOLD and ERA ranges of extractors both of which come in multiple versions with different powers and a range of finishes including stainless steel and soft black.