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Monodraught Ltd


Monodraught Ltd is a UK based company that has extensive experience in designing, developing and manufacturing products that help reduce costs, energy consumption & carbon footprint. Since 1974 we have delivered design solutions to thousands of projects through maximising natural, available energy from the wind and sun.


Acquired in 2007 by the Danish VKR group the company continues to have a heavy focus on R&D and product innovation.

Our product offer comes under 3 different categories:-

Natural Ventilation

• WINDCATCHER® natural ventilation systems that provide a controlled amount of clean, fresh air into a room from roof level, regardless which direction the wind is coming from and with no mechanical assistance.

• SOLA-BOOST® solar assisted natural ventilation systems utilise the WINDCATCHER technologies together with a solar driven fan to ensure additional air flow on sunny days.

• WINDCATCHER® X-Air next generation natural ventilation systems are a development of the WINDCATCHER range. X-Air is manufactured from recyclable materials with excellent structural and UV stability. Features include adverse weather rejection; patented LED architectural lighting; the patented corner fin accommodates a lighting feature, which allows a range of optional colour preferences to be specified. Other features improve performance, these include: ACTIVLOUVRE® modulating aerofoil technology featuring louvre blades that minimise resistance and maximise airflow and an internal system that provides significantly smoother internal airflow.

Natural Daylight

• SUNPIPE® natural daylight systems provide daylight to areas where windows cannot reach via a highly reflective silverised tube.

• SUNCATCHER® natural ventilation and natural daylight systems provide controlled natural ventilation by using the Monodraught WINDCATCHER natural ventilation system principles and natural daylight from the SUNPIPE natural daylight system within one composite unit.

• SOLA-VENT® natural daylight and solar powered extract ventilation systems contain a SUNPIPE system, a solar-powered extract fan and two down-lighters.  These systems are ideally suited to internal bathrooms and shower rooms where it ensures that current Building Regulations for ventilation are met.

Natural Cooling

• COOL-PHASE® is an active ventilation systems which utilise PCM (phase change material) and provides considerably low energy consumption cooling that gives a comfortable room temperature.

Central to our business is our ‘in-house’ Design Department. Our design team are familiar with many dynamic thermal modelling software packages including Navensys & EDSL-TAS. The major step change has been the inclusion of our natural ventilation product range within the IES software allowing a remote user to consider the possibilities of natural ventilation in any building or location.

We have a team of Technical Advisors who are able to support you locally if you are investigating the possibilities of using a low energy, low carbon cooling, lighting or ventilation solution within your building.

Monodraught Ltd is also able to offer an on-site installation service through its contract team providing a complete service for our full range of products.

Halifax House, Cressex Business Park, High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire, HP12 3SE   Tel 01494 897700  Fax 01494 532465   Emai info@monodraught.com   Web  www.monodraught.com