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Fire Protection & Prevention

Multi head upgrade for Fireray 5000 advanced optial beam smoke detector


Fire Fighting Enterprises has upgraded its popular Fireray 5000 optical beam smoke detector with separate fire and fault relays for two detector heads attached to a single controller unit. This means that one ground-level unit can control two detector heads but any alarm or fault signal will be located to each specific head. An event device history log has also been added, and power consumption has been reduced even lower than on the original model.

Already excellent at reliably detecting smoke across wide indoor spaces and requiring minimal wiring to protect huge areas, having two detector heads on one controller allows even larger spaces to be covered from a single control unit. In response to customer feedback separate fire/fault relays were added for each detector head; this feature will also enable addressable systems to identify which of the detector heads has been triggered. The separate heads are independently configurable, with separate range, alert threshold and delay settings possible.

This upgrade is fully backwards-compatible with existing systems, and the new event history log stores up to 50 detector events such as alarms, servicing and power status changes: helping with trouble shooting, auditing and forensics. These new and improved features complement the already advanced detector’s laser-guided setup, motorised auto-alignment and automatic gain compensation technologies which speed and ease installation and maintenance.