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Multipor Boards Insulate European Council Walls


Xella Multipor mineral insulation boards with a lambda value of 0.045 W/mK have been used to insulate internal walls of the £280million European Council headquarters in Brussels. They were specified to provide a complete envelope for the Art Deco building which sits alongside a new state of the art glass and timber wing described as Herman Van Rompuy’s ‘Gilded cage’ and ‘Jewel Box’.

In the restoration of historic buildings, insulating the internal surface of solid walls invariably present the only practical means of thermal improvement. External facades of the two Art Deco buildings of the former Residence Palace were the subject of conservation restrictions, but the previously uninsulated external walls required substantial renovation and upgrading to achieve an acceptable level of insulation. Multipor has a 15-year track record in such situations and offers the combined benefits of low material cost and speed of installation.

Multipor2In addition to being used on both the internal and external surfaces of walls, roofs, underground garages and basement ceilings, Multipor boards are used without a vapour barrier. The light cellular material is non-combustible, eradicates risk of thermal bridging and combines exceptional vapour permeability with high mechanical strength. It is fire-resistant and therefore emits no toxic fumes or smoke in the event of a fire. Unlike synthetic and mineral fibre insulants, Multipor’s capillary structure enables vapour within the atmosphere to be absorbed and ultimately released naturally without adversely affecting acoustic performance.
Boards are bonded using a specially developed light mortar so wall irregularities can easily be overcome. The manufacturing process presents a low environmental impact and boards are completely recyclable, containing no pollutants. As a consequence of eliminating the traditional problem of waste disposal associated with so many insulation materials, Multipor also offers the added benefit of ‘Nature Plus’ certification.

At a time of severe maintenance budget cutbacks, Multipor provides the perfect means of improving thermal performance in thousands of post war buildings. Schools in particular can benefit from a marked reduction in energy costs and improvement of the overall internal environment. Being so light in weight, Multipor is also ideal in situations where the refurbishment window is limited.

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