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Competent light that harmonises the needs of people and nature in a resource-saving way by adapting independently depending on the time of year and day

Inspired by the natural light of the sun, which is unique and beautiful in every place, at every season and at every hour, we have created artificial light that fits into the cyclical rhythms of nature and whose positive effects outweigh the negative ones for everyone: humans, animals and plants alike.

Artificial light helps us humans to see at night. Light gives us security, guides orientation, movements, gazes and it invites us to pause and reflect. With good lighting, we create atmosphere, quality of life and even magical moments.

On the other hand, the recurring alternation of brightness and a deep black night sky is important for plants, animals and humans. Artificial light disturbs these natural rhythms. The Circular Light Profiles from Selux are scientifically based on adapting the light to natural cycles and the activity of animals.

Artificial light is a major source of energy for cities and municipalities. City lighting therefore plays a decisive role in the goal of significantly saving energy and becoming climate neutral. Our circular lighting profiles make it easy to conserve resources.

Our smart, science-based profiles create a new simplicity. They enable customised, sustainable lighting for every community, for every location. The pre-conceived intelligence is pre-installed in each individual luminaire on the Selux Core. This eliminates the need for time-consuming planning and support. The luminaire is delivered ready for use configured and pre-programmed against three parameters: light distribution, light frequency, and light intensity.

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