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Neaco moduar grille system is a versatile performer


Neaco’s Techdek modular aluminium grille system is gaining a reputation as one of the most versatile products on the market following its specification for a wide variety of uses in recent years, encompassing everything from solar shading to roof access walkways.

A broad range of development projects have variously utilised its unique aluminium open grille profiles in applications such as decking , screening, ventilation, bridge cycle and pedestrian ways, cladding, flooring, staging, balustrade infills and stair treads. Lightweight yet strong and durable, the system has a patented swage-locked construction between bars which enables high structural efficiency. It is also 100 per cent recyclable and easy to install with low-energy construction methods.

Neaco’s national sales manager, Richard Richardson-Derry, comments: “Techdek was conceived primarily as a decking application, but its versatile modular design and the natural attributes of aluminium make it suitable for much broader use. Techdek can adapt to a huge range of angles and unusual curvatures whilst certain profiles greatly reduce net heat gain of sunlight striking a clear or tinted window.”