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New Additions to iNELS RF Wireless Control System


Scolmore continues to develop its Wireless Control Systems and has just added two new products that will enhance its capability.

The new iNELS RF 13A Switching Socket (RFSC-61) simply plugs into a standard UK 13A socket outlet to provide a wireless switching facility – making it easy to control table and floor lamps for example without the need for hard wiring behind a socket. The unit can be easily paired with transmitting devices, and can be controlled by up to 32 transmitting devices eg key fobs, wall switches, RF Pilot and RF Touch.

The new iNELS RF Repeater with Socket Outlet (RFRP-20/B) helps to overcome the issue of reduced signal that is associated with the use of RF controlled devices where there are extra density walls and metal pillars to contend with, for example in listed buildings. In these situations, the RF Repeater is installed where it receives the RF signal – ideally on the opposite side of the thick wall – and it will then extend the range of the transmitting signal by up to 200m in all directions.

For further information on the iNELS Wireless Control System, contact Scolmore on 01827 63454, or visit www.scolmore.com.