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New Advanced Timber Folding Door


Sunflex have re-launched their already market leading timber, folding sliding (bi-fold) door. Already boasting the slimmest sightlines in Europe with the SF65 system, the newly developed replacement SF75H system offers even narrower sightlines at just 122mm. 

With three layered, laminated timber profiles durability and strength of this new system is of the highest available. Choices of timber are available with Pine as standard with options to upgrade to hardwoods such as Oak. To finish the timber there is a large choice of stains available for the end client to really appreciate the natural warmth of the timber. Alternatively a large selection of paints from the RAL Classic range are available (over 200 colours).

Timber Door 2As well as this aesthetical change, improved technical performances have also been developed including higher weather performances through the use of not only one but two continuous EPDM gaskets around individual leafs and frames guaranteeing a strong, durable resistance against rain & wind.

Glazed units up to 40mm can be incorporated into the 75mm deep frame which offers the flexibility to specify triple glazing for a high performing door set with incredibly low U-values. Using a wet sealing method of the glazing ensures that there are no gaps in the sealing which again gives high resistance to rain and wind ingress.

With a variety of various functions and designs within the system security is of some the highest available. Multiple locking systems are incorporated as standard with additional methods also available.  Panels are not only locked together with traditional cylinder lock and key but also in the head and cill by pins. All running gear is concealed within the head and cill, making it impossible to remove the door leafs from the frame.

In the design features of the system multiple configurations can be made including the option to have the panels stacking either to the inside or outside of the facade and either stacking in one direction or both.