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New College, Swindon


Having been founded in 1984, New College Swindon has expanded to become one of the premier providers of further education in the region. Following a relocation and £10million development programme, it was found that the premises suffered from uncomfortably high temperatures. The Window Film Company was engaged to help.

An examination of the facility quickly revealed the cause of the issue. Over 100 large glass windows provide the facility with a contemporary, modern appearance whilst creating light spaces inside, but on bright days, the sun was streaming through the glass causing the rooms within to steadily heat up, ultimately resulting in an uncomfortable working environment.

It was agreed that specialist solar control film would be applied to the windows, in this case High Reflective Silver. This high performance film can reject up to 77% of the solar energy, and works by reflecting away the sun’s energy before it can enter the room. This is why window film outperforms traditional blinds – window film reflects away the heat, whilst blinds let it into the room, allowing it to accumulate throughout the day.

High Reflective Silver will also cut down on glare, allowing students to read, write and see computer screens and whiteboards without being troubled by bright sunlight. The film also has the added benefit of blocking out up to 99% of UV rays, one of the biggest contributing factors to fading. All of this is achieved without sacrificing the view out of the windows and without making a major difference to the natural light entering the building.

An internal application is always desirable, as it ensures an extended life expectancy for the film and despite the size and height of many of the panes, this was achieved. A cherry picker was required to reach parts of the glass, operated by one of The Window Film Company’s installation teams. Every one of our vastly experienced fitters is both PASMA (Prefabricated Access Suppliers & Manufacturers Association) and IPAF (International Powered Access Federation) accredited, allowing us to provide a perfect finish, whatever the access situation.

Installation was required during half term, allowing the installation to take place with no students around, ensuring a minimum of disruption. A suitable date was agreed by The Window Film Company’s dedicated operations team, and the fitting undertaken by just one of our fully trained teams – their experience and skill allowing them to complete the installation to a high standard and within the required timescales.

The finished job gave the windows a modern finish, in keeping with the aesthetics of the rest of the building as well as having the desired effect of preventing heat build-up, giving cause for the College to comment: “We are really impressed, it was a great job all round.”

Heat can cause a problem for any premises with windows, and The Window Film Company can provide a cost efficient and effective solution. Contact us on 01494 794477 to speak to a dedicated Account Manager, who will be able to provide you with help, advice and information, samples and free, no obligation quotes.