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New controller detects empty rooms to maximise energy efficiency


Mitsubishi Electric has launched a new air conditioning controller that includes the intelligent energy-saving ability to automatically detect when meeting rooms or areas with infrequent use are unoccupied.

Optimising the efficiency of heating and cooling these days is paramount for businesses which face both rising energy bills and increasing environmental legislation. Yet many offices regularly have meeting rooms that waste energy air conditioning unoccupied spaces.

Mitsubishi Electric has introduced the answer with the PAR-U02MEDA wall controller, which includes an occupancy sensor that will switch off the air conditioning if it detects that the room or space is vacant.

Sebastian Desmottes, controls manager for Mitsubishi Electric explains:

“Everyone wants a comfortable room for business meetings yet they need to balance this with the need to minimise energy use and reduce running costs.”

The unit, which can be retrofitted onto existing systems, includes an advanced, backlit, touchscreen controller with a 7-day time clock, password protection and night setback function.

The built-in occupancy detector simplifies installation by removing the need for additional sensors or wiring and can be set in individual minute intervals – up to 24 hours, to offer complete flexibility for building operators and facilities managers.

The detector can also be used in conjunction with an active timer so will only operate when programmed. It will also switch off at pre-set temperatures to ensure a comfortable, yet highly energy efficient performance.

A colour LED indicator shows the operation status to make room users aware of the particular mode of operation at any given time. Each unit gives advanced control of up to 16 indoor units and further advanced features, such as weekly scheduling, are available to building operators within the comprehensive service menu.

Desmottes adds:

“We have identified a simple way that we can help businesses with a controller that delivers automatic energy saving in unoccupied rooms as well as a host of other advanced features.”