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New energy saving axial fan, from ebm-papst


Europe’s leading manufacturer of fans and motors, ebm-papst, has launched a new axial fan that will provide energy savings of up to 66%.

The new GreenTech EC Compact Fan W1G130 is primarily for use in control cabinets and other cooling applications such as bottle coolers and refrigeration cabinets, and it is compatible with its AC predecessor. More compact in size, at 130mm, the axial fans reduce power input by a minimum of 60% in comparison to their AC counterparts, which means customers will see a return on investment within one year.

Created using energy saving motor (ESM) technology, the GreenTech EC Compact Fan W1G130 has two speed stages that can be controlled according to customer requirements – enabling further energy savings to be made.  The speed control has been factored into the product development to increase the axial fan’s performance, more than covering that of its predecessor.

The new axial fan has a higher protection rating of IP54 and they have the ability to operate in ambient temperatures up to 70 degrees, making them ideal for industrial applications.

James Cooper Product Manager at ebm-papst said: “ebm-papst continues to make its GreenTech philosophy a reality with the new GreenTech EC Compact Fan W1G130. One of ebm-papst’s main business principles is that every newly-developed product has to be better than its predecessor, not only technically but ecologically.”