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New high-performance flooring launched with extended colour range


A tougher, high-performance vinyl flooring for busy public areas has been launched by global specialists Gerflor.

The extensively-improved Mipolam Elegance replaces Mipolam Elegance 290 with immediate effect and architects, specifiers and contractors will appreciate the improved colour choices, durability and lighter weight.

Suitable for use in education, healthcare and retail sectors, this multipurpose homogeneous flooring is available in 33 contemporary colours for a range of moods and effects. Incorporating non-directional design, the inclusion of transparent PVC chips creates a vivid 3D effect in a matt finish.

Gerflor product manager Alexis Arnoux said: “Trends change over years and we wanted to make sure Mipolam Elegance reflects the latest thinking so we can offer the best products to our customers.

ger3“But this new range is not only introducing new colours; we have improved the design of the product itself to create the 3D effect and made it lighter in weight by 190 grammes per square metre.”

Ms Arnoux added: “The two main advantages of the reduced weight are that the product is softer to handle so it is easier to fit, and that we have increased the abrasion resistance to Group T.”
Treated with Gerflor’s exclusive and patented Evercare™ surface treatment, the latest pioneering technology on the market, the vinyl is scuff resistant and needs no waxing or acrylic polishes to maintain appearance and colour brightness.The combination of Evercare™ with fungistatic and bacteriostatic treatments also ensures that stains, including those from the most common products used in the healthcare industry such as iodine and alcohols, can be safely and hygienically removed with a minimum of water and detergent; thereby reducing maintenance costs and lowering the environmental impact.

ger2Available in 2m width rolls, Mipolam Elegance can also be ordered in tile for a minimum order of 500m². The product is
also available in eight anti-slip Elegance SD styles suitable for use in showers and wet rooms. Recommended for making skirtings easier, as well as fitting angles and welding, the 2mm thick vinyl now weighs 2,850 grammes per square metre – thanks to a higher PVC content and the lowest rates of mineral fillers – and can be installed more quickly than before.

In line with Gerflor’s environmental commitment, Mipolam Elegance is made entirely of recycled content and is REACH compliant. Anti-static and compliant with fire safety legislation, the product meets EN 14041 standards.

Learn more about Gerflor products on 01926 622 600, or email contractuk@gerflor.com, or visit Gerflor.co.uk for the latest innovations.