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Hydratech, a UK leader in the manufacture of heat transfer fluids, has pioneered CoolFlow DTX, a high performance non-toxic secondary refrigerant for the protection of process cooling, refrigeration and air conditioning systems. This high efficiency antifreeze ensures optimum flow, is biodegradable and has BS6580 corrosion control.

CoolFlow DTX, based on ethylene glycol blended with patented DeToxTM additive, exploits the advantages of ethylene glycol over propylene glycol; a lower volume will give the same freeze protection, and it is easier to pump, especially at lower temperatures. In addition, CoolFlow DTX is less expensive per litre than other RAC process cooling fluids. It has been tested and classified as Non-Toxic – ‘Relatively Harmless’ – by an EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) certified laboratory.

In collaboration with Evans Cooling Systems Inc., Hydratech has eliminated the dilemma that faces many when selecting a suitable heat transfer fluid. Users and specifiers no longer have to choose between the high performance but toxic properties of ethylene glycol or the safer but less efficient propylene glycol. Hydratech’s specialist DeToxTM additive renders ethylene glycol non-toxic and provides a quality, high performing and efficient heat transfer fluid which also contains corrosion, scale and biological inhibitors, thus promoting long operational life and high thermal efficiency.

Further information on the CoolFlow DTX is available from Hydratech on 01792 586800, email: info@hydratech.co.uk or by visiting the company’s website www.hydratech.co.uk