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New intelligent heat recovery with Vireo from Greenwood Airvac


Greenwood Airvac, the UK’s leading manufacturer of domestic ventilation solutions, announces the launch of Vireo – the next generation of intelligent Heat Recovery Ventilation.

Designed and manufactured in the UK, Vireo is intelligent across the board and addresses all aspects of ventilation specification. The result is an easier, better and smarter application of heat recovery ventilation in new homes: still an excellent solution for direct emission reduction in SAP, and the best solution for air tight homes.

A core principle of Greenwood Airvac, and something at the centre of Greenwood’s product development process is Guaranteed Installed Performance (GIP), now a fundamental part of Building Regulations and Building Control sign off. Greenwood Airvac believes in making the interaction with the product as simple as possible so that the correct ventilation is installed from the outset, reducing the risk of costly changes.

Vireo’s design is all about GIP and the latest Greenwood CommissionSMART™ technology makes on-site set-up and commissioning, a key area for GIP, the ultimate experience. Thanks to a unique commissioning wizard – a simple step-by-step process, with ‘turn and press’ control button – Vireo can be set-up in just 8 steps, taking as little as 90 seconds. It is at this point that handing is also completed, through the unit’s software alone, without product dismantling unlike most others sold in the market.

In addition, Vireo has been, designed to comply with the new 2010 ADF Building Regulations increased airflow rates, Vireo offers optimal airflow performance whilst helping minimise running noise within the home. An outstanding SPF as low as 0.75W/l/s, and excellent heat exchange efficiencies up to 93%, provide true reward in SAP and offer long-term ventilation specification investment with the provision of good indoor air quality.

Loaded with additional Greenwood Apps to assist in the delivery of GIP throughout the lifetime of the product, Vireo makes SMART sense. Greenwood HumidiSMART™ and Greenwood TimerSMART™ technologies work intuitively with the installed environment to reduce nuisance noise and unnecessary energy usage, unlike anything else on the market. Perhaps Greenwood SummerSMART™ offers the best value. A true 100% summer by-pass it only by-passes the heat recovery function and not the filtration, so you can rest assured that the house receives filtered air 365 days per year.

Clean and discreet in design Vireo also fits seamlessly into modern dwellings. With three compact models available Vireo is suitable for all housing types and can be installed in-line or ceiling mounted for apartments, and in kitchen cupboards for small to large sized houses.

Vireo is a Greenwood GIP (Guaranteed Installed Performance) product. GIP is a core principle of Greenwood Airvac which above all stands for getting ventilation right once it is installed. Greenwood want to ensure a healthy indoor air quality, speedy installation and the reduction of risk associated with non-compliance to Building Regulations. Their solutions are designed to offer the easiest and smartest assistance in achieving regulatory compliance on-site and continuously throughout the product’s operational lifetime.

For more information on Vireo please visit www.fresh-intelligence.co.uk.