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Energy Saving Insulation Interiors & Interior Design

New Paints to Reduce Heating Costs


With unique insulating paints for both interior and exterior use, Thermilate Technologies is introducing new ways to save on heating costs, reduce wasted energy and provide greater comfort and efficiency in any residential or commercial property.

Thermilate Technologies has released a new range of products called InsOpaint which offer a unique level of insulation in a very cost-effective and easy-to-use paint range. InsOpaint saves both money and energy by helping rooms to heat up much more quickly and retain heat for longer. As a result, InsOpaint reduces the carbon footprint of any building where it is applied. Programmable thermostats can be set to turn on an hour later and shut off an hour earlier than is possible without InsOpaint. Its breathability also eliminates problems with mould and condensation.

InsOpaint is scientifically proven to work and helps keep rooms warmer by as much as 3°C. This allows the thermostat to be set lower and for less time so reduces energy usage and the cost of heating in any residential or commercial application. Every degree reduction on the heating thermostat translates to roughly a 10% drop in heating costs.

InsOpaint works by wrapping the room in a protective layer of paint that inhibits heat escaping through walls, floors and ceilings. With just two coats, InsOpaint provides durable, effective and sustainable insulation that has been tested around the world. With more than a decade of experience in the field of insulating coatings, Thermilate Technologies has a proven track record of providing paints and coatings with excellent insulating characteristics.

The water-based InsOpaint range allows a 360° envelope of decorative insulation for properties. InsOpaint Interior Emulsion is the most cost-effective insulation option for walls and ceilings. This breathable, eco-friendly paint protects against common condensation and mould problems. InsOpaint Anti-Condensation paint is formulated specifically for use where severe condensation is a problem such as in solid wall properties. InsOpaint Gloss protects wood and metal with a high-sheen finish that does not yellow and is stain-resistant. InsOpaint Kitchen & Bathroom paint for rooms subject to continuous and severe condensation is washable and resists moisture, stains and grease and combats unsightly toxic mould and bacteria. InsOpaint Exterior Masonry Paint carries a 10-year warranty and InsOpaint Clear is as a clear, protective exterior-wall sealant. InsOplast and InsOfloor complete the range.

Thermilate Technologies is a world leader in insulating and energy-saving paints, coatings and plaster products and offers protective, decorative, functional and sustainable solutions for interior and exterior insulation needs. For anyone wishing to save money and help the environment, their new InsOpaint range ticks all the boxes. For new construction or simple redecorating, InsOpaint has it all covered.