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New REHAU CoolBoard Chilled Ceiling System


REHAU has just launched a new chilled ceiling system designed to provide a cost effective and energy efficient heating and cooling solution in commercial environments with suspended ceilings.

REHAU CoolBoard is the first one piece system in the UK with polymer pipework pre-embedded into plasterboard panels. It features pre-drilled fixing holes to make it fast and easy to install and offers a simple and permanent jointing system.

REHAU CoolBoard comprises standard gypsum plasterboard panels with grooves milled into them to accommodate loops of pre-integrated 10mm RAUTHERM PE-Xa pipework.

These boards are supplied pre-assembled with the pipe secured in pre-routed grooves and come complete with fittings to secure the boards to the suspended ceiling hardware.

The pipe tails from the boards are connected together using the renowned REHAU EVERLOCTM compression sleeve fittings which guarantee no leaks, then onto a manifold system where the supply of warm or chilled water is circulated through the panels.

The standard REHAU CoolBoard with a cooling capacity of up to 65W/m², is designed for use in office environments, while the high performance version featuring graphite particles embedded in the board, achieves a cooling capacity of up to 75W/m². This is designed for areas such as stairways and entrance areas which have higher cooling or heating load requirements.

The system has been designed to work effectively in partnership with a range of energy sources but delivers optimum efficiency when used in combination with low flow temperature systems. It performs exceptionally well in applications where renewable energy systems are utilised.

REHAU, which is a member of the Chilled Beams and Ceiling Association (CBCA), has been supplying underfloor heating and cooling systems into the UK market for more than 25 years. It says that its new REHAU CoolBoard ceiling solution offers many of the same benefits for those occupying the office space in terms of even, comfortable temperature distribution without draughts or dust turbulence.

In addition though, it also offers optimum comfort due to the relatively high heating and cooling outputs and fast reaction times and good control response because of the low thermal mass of the panels.

For installers, the system offers simple and quick assembly using pre-drilled fixing grids and standard installation techniques. There are four different board sizes available which means it is simple to configure the system to fit the required ceiling space and all are finished with a sharp edge on all sides for precise jointing.

The new REHAU CoolBoard system has already been successfully installed at the Crystal, Siemens’ Sustainable Cities Initiative, located in London’s Royal Victoria Dock where the panels were linked to a supply of chilled water generated by a reversible ground source heat pump with chiller unit attached.