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New wood pellet boiler range from Ponast


Thermal Earth, one of the leading renewable heating companies in the UK, has just added the Ponast range of automatic wood pellet boilers to its range.

Fully MCS approved and engineered to a high specification in the Czech Republic, the Ponast wood pellet boilers come in a large number of models to suit all budgets, from an entry-level boiler to a state-of-the-art fully automatic range of modulating boilers with on-board heating system control.
They have a remarkable efficiency of between 90% and 92.2%, qualify for RHI and are also DEFRA approved for use in smoke controlled areas.

The Ponast wood pellet boilers range comes in three model types: the KPx1 series, the KPx2 series and the KPx3 series. All can be modulated to between 30% and 100% of rated output and achieve consistent efficiencies and low CO2 emissions. Individual boilers can be selected from 15kW to 82kW output.

The KPx1 series is designed primarily for installation in residential houses and has fully automatic ignition and manual cleaning of the heat exchanger. The boiler ignition is controlled by a room thermostat or can be fully integrated into a Building Management System. Going up the range, the Ponast KPx2 series benefits from the addition of automatic cleaning of the heat exchanger and also features weather compensation controls as standard. An upgrade to fully automatic ash removal in place of the standard manual ash removal pan is also available. A further option is a GSM internet connection module for remote operation of these boilers.

At the top end of the range, the Ponast KPx3 series carries all the features of the others and in addition, a touch screen display allows control of up to five heating circuits including domestic hot water, accumulation tank and solar thermal. The KPx3 series has a new body design, higher insulation properties and improved combustion efficiencies putting it at the forefront of biomass heating solutions.

The Ponast range offers complete flexibility in pellet storage and delivery systems. The pellets can be fed by auger or vacuum systems and storage can be by internal sack silo, external weatherproof silo, underground silo or simply a daily fill pellet bin.

Further information and copies of the brochure on the new range of Ponast wood pellet boilers is available from Thermal Earth on 01269 833100, by emailing info@thermalearth.co.uk or by visiting the company’s website www.thermalearth.co.uk