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New Xarto Swirl Diffusers from TROX


The new XARTO range of swirl diffusers from TROX features a choice of beautiful and elegant face plate designs to meet the widest range of interior design requirements. The XARTO range also offers performance advantages, with improved mixing and lower sound power levels at high volume flow rates.

New XARTO swirl diffusers are available with a choice of ten diffuser face plate configuration variations, manufactured in galvanised steel. These provide interior design consultants with a large selection of aesthetic options, so that every creative or architectural concept can be realised.

The design of the plenum box has also been given careful consideration, to ensure the units combine aesthetic appeal with superior air handling performance. The air distribution element benefits from high quality ABS polymer construction and includes an acoustically optimised damper for flow rate balancing, and a spigot featuring a double lip seal. Improved mixing, low pressure drop and low noise enable the units to achieve excellent comfort levels in the occupied zone, even with comparatively high volume flow rates.

Website: www.troxuk.co.uk

Email:  GCarey@troxuk.co.uk