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North London Padel Club, Bushey Grove Leisure Centre, Herts


Just over 2 years ago there were barely 300 registered Padel players in the UK, since then the numbers have increased dramatically as the sport that is so popular overseas has seen its popularity increase here in the UK. Padel, a cross between squash and tennis, is played as a doubles game in an enclosed court like squash but with a net like tennis. Playrite recently helped to bring 3 new courts to the UK for North London Padel Club, based at Bushey Grove Leisure centre, Herts.

The courts were first installed by CEDE from Spain, with 2 different playing surfaces for the club to try out, however neither surface seemed to be up to standard for the club. Spencer Dryer of NLPC, looking for a renowned sports surface specialist found that there was only one place to go… Playrite. Spencer was introduced to his area manager Steve Byrnes who suggested that a good idea would be to try out the surfaces available from Playrite. With Playrite being impartial specialists they were able to offer a wide range of surfaces to choose from. Spencer was able to test our surface at The Drive tennis club, which has a Matchplay2 surface and which he found to be more than acceptable. One court was surfaced first as a trial and after being impressed with the playing characteristics North London Padel Club went on to order two more courts to complete the set.

Matchplay 2, is an ideal choice due to its high fibre and low sand content, making it an excellent heavy duty product. This provides a minimal settling in period after installation allowing play almost immediately. Matchplay 2 is accredited to ITF category 2, medium slow and offers extra cushioning for easier impact on player’s joints. The needlepunch surface is incredibly versatile and is suitable for a number of sports including tennis and Padel. The courts have been installed for 6 months now and all members agree that they offer a brilliant standard of Padel.