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Doors & Windows Walls

Offices, London


Those working in the Capital are perhaps used to seeing impressive landmarks, but it is rare to be able to see them when sitting at your desk. Thanks to The Window Film Company however, workers at this London office are able to marvel at some of our most iconic landmarks from the comfort of their chair.

The material used was our digital wallpaper, a durable, easy to install product that can be fitted to a variety of surfaces without the need for paste. Using artwork provided by the client, The Window Film Company’s in house graphics team were able to scale, print and cut the wallpaper allowing for a perfect installation throughout the office.

Printed in striking black and white with red, the wallpaper was applied throughout the office and features images of the likes of Big Ben, the London Eye and St Pauls Cathedral alongside the Statue of Liberty, the Flatiron building and the Empire State Building in New York – included in the design to represent the Company’s American operations.

The wallpaper was installed across a variety of surfaces, including walls, doors and windows, the versatile nature of the digital wallpaper allowing our skilled fitters to install it with perfect precision, giving the surfaces of the office uninterrupted coverage.

Digital wallpaper is an increasingly popular product, providing a cost effective method of transforming surfaces, quickly turning windows, walls and doors into impressive, eye-catching features. The Window Film Company’s state of the art print facilities provide a bright, vivid, picture perfect finish, whilst our fully qualified teams of fitters provide a flawless installation.

For more information on how digital wallpaper from The Window Film Company can transform your surfaces from drab to dynamic, call one of our friendly team on 01494 794477 today.