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nora system blue: safety with a system – now available worldwide

Weinheim, October 2012 – nora system blue, the first certified and environmentally compatible floor installation system, is conquering the world. Rubber specialists nora systems had launched the innovative composite system in Germany in 2010. In response to the rising demand for ecologically sound and sustainable building materials, nora system blue is now also being introduced on the international markets.


“The reason behind the development of nora system blue was the more stringent demands being made on modern building methods. Environmental and health aspects are becoming increasingly crucial,” explains Alexander K. Althof, CEO of nora systems GmbH. In particular, the extremely hermetic, energy-saving construction methods used today pose huge challenges since they minimise air exchange in buildings. To sustainably avoid health risks, low-emission building materials should be used for new building or renovations. After all, we spend between 80 and 90 percent of our time in enclosed spaces.

On account of its large surface area, the floor covering in particular is a decisive factor in assuring healthy indoor air. However, not only the flooring should be harmless to health and ecologically safe. Installation materials such as primers, fillers and adhesives, as well as the quality of the work, also play a major role in achieving a healthy living environment.

360° quality management system for floorings

Due to their natural raw materials, rubber floor coverings from nora systems have always been devoid of plasticizers and halogens, which is why they have been carrying the “Blue Angel …for low emissions” eco label for some years now. “With nora system blue, however, we have gone a step further and developed the world’s first certified 360° quality management system for floorings,” emphasises Althof.

nora system blue combines nora’s low-emission, rubber floor coverings with low-emission installation materials. All the system’s components have been awarded the “Blue Angel” and are also tested within the composite system. This eliminates the likelihood of any hazardous interaction between the single components. Additionally, selected installers receive special nora system blue training and are certified by the TÜV Rheinland safety standards authority. And because every single component of the system guarantees the highest safety levels, the overall system has also been certified by TÜV Rheinland.

Planning reliability for calls for tenders

Everybody benefits from nora system blue: planners, installers and the people using the buildings. Architects submitting calls for tenders with nora system blue are legally safeguarded to the hilt as well, as the test criteria applied by TÜV Rheinland can be used as proof that the utilised materials are environmentally compatible and meet the requirements for sustainable building.

“nora system blue gives me planning security,” says Lennart Wiechell, partner at Schmidhuber Architekten in Munich. “The overall system with its safety standards authority certification assures me both excellent installation results as well as good indoor air quality. This enables me to fulfil my responsibilities towards my clients and users.”

Competitive benefits for installers

This composite system, unique worldwide, also offers cutting-edge advantages for flooring manufacturers: “The fact that we are certified installers of nora system blue is a competitive advantage for our company,” confirms Christiane Müller, CEO of Heiligenhaus-based Hoops Bodenbeläge GmbH & Co. KG. “There is a huge demand for health-wise safe and ecological floor coverings. These criteria are frequently anchored in the calls for tenders and taken into consideration when awarding the contracts.”

Responsibility for health and the environment

Good indoor air is important for everybody, but it is even more crucial for children and the sick on account of their weaker immune systems. “We chose nora system blue because a healthy and pleasant environment is decisive in aiding the recovery of our patients,” says Ulf Ermshaus, Head of Building Technology at Gütersloh municipal hospital. “In doing so, we are placing our reliance on a systematic method – sustainable and healthy living spaces simply pay for themselves.”

Preschool teacher Sarah Rehm is likewise convinced: “As a kindergarten teacher I assume a special responsibility, and it’s important to me that the children in my care feel good with me. The ambient environment plays a large role. nora system blue has been certified as having low emission levels and consequently contributes to the children’s health welfare.”

Unique customer care concept

Alongside the perfect harmonisation of the individual components, another success factor for nora system blue is its unique customer care concept. Decision-makers are extensively advised by nora specialists in preparing their calls for tenders and are accompanied throughout every phase of their project. Additionally, application engineers from nora systems provide on-site support for flooring installers and give technical recommendations for the installation. This is especially important, because in 95 percent of cases of damage it is not the product, but the work that has been carried out which leads to complaints. Furthermore, every step of the installation is documented seamlessly and precisely. Another advantage is that if nora system blue components are installed by companies that have been certified by the TÜV Rheinland safety standards authority, nora systems extends the product warranty from five to seven years.

CEO Althof is certain: “With nora system blue we have created an all-round, care-free package for everybody involved in the construction of buildings and the people that use them.”

Website: www.nora.com/uk