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Opportunity Knocks For James Latham …with new passive house compliant door kits…


With the Government’s Code for Sustainable Homes Scheme (CSH) target for all new houses to be zero carbon by 2016 just over two years away, James Latham is now offering a complete door kit solution which has been certified as passive house compliant by the renowned Passive House Institute in Darmstadt (Germany).

According to official figures, the UK’s 21 million homes account for around 27% of the overall carbon emissions released into the atmosphere and with the current Government’s promise to construct three million new homes by the year 2020, the need to address the carbon situation within the housing sector is of paramount importance – passive house compliant products are a recognised and accepted solution to the zero carbon requirement.

A passive house is a building in which a comfortable interior climate can be maintained without active heating and cooling systems, hence the term “passive”. The house heats and cools itself by generating external heat gains from the sun as well as internal gains from appliances and the occupants. It also achieves significantly notable levels of airtightness and insulation with minimal thermal bridges and delivers a high level of internal air quality provided by a mechanical ventilation system that recovers heat efficiently and doors have a big part to play in achieving this.

The door kit being offered by James Latham includes a door leaf which is 98mm thick and is available in three decorative facing options. The passive house door blank has a U-Value of 0,54 W/m2K; and the door – as supplied in kit form – has a U-Value of ≤ 0,80W/m2K (with and without glazing).

The kit is also CE certified (EN 14351-1 External Doors and Windows 2010) and attains the best results in all mandatory aspects of this standard. Eg, wind-load resistance; EN 12210, security classification; WK2 (door blank resistance classification 3) ENV 1627 and airtightness classification; EN 12207.
Steven Dennard, James Latham’s Group Door Manager commented, “Passive house is the world’s most advanced standard of energy performance and, coupled with the Government’s CSH scheme, it is influencing the way we design, build and live in our homes. With this in mind, James Latham sees the real potential for this highly bespoke product being the retrofit market as it offers a recognised solution in creating more energy-cost efficient properties.”

The complete kit includes; a processed 3-part Meranti frame, Ironmongery plus a 98mm thick door blank supplied part-processed/CNC’d for the double-rebate detail along with lock and hinge fixings.