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Safety & Security

Panic Exit device becomes motorised


Safety must never be comprised when considering fittings for doors used as escape routes. Exit devices which allow people to escape easily and rapidly out of buildings in the event of an emergency situation are lifesaving products. 
Strand Hardware offers market leading emergency and panic exit devices and the Motorised Touch Bar, designed for safety, ease of operation, simplicity of fixing and aesthetic appearance is the latest addition to the range. The Motorised Touch Bar is the result of European collaboration where products are designed and engineered by partners in Italy and assembled in the UK. All Strand Hardware Panic hardware has been tested and certified to EN 1125 or EN179.

The Motorised Touch Bar comprises a range of modular components providing a range of options. Vertical or side entry pullmans can be added to the full width touch bar mechanism to give variants of one, two or three point latches or two or three point bolts.

Similar to the standard touch bar, when operated by hand from inside the building the Motorised Touch Bar allows egress in the normal way. However, the motorised functionality connected to an electronic access entry system such as digital keypad, proximity reader, swipe card, push button or key switch allows controlled access from the outside. This gives the door dual functionality; a safe means of exit from the inside but also allowing access into the building for authorised individuals. The Motorised Touch Bar is therefore suitable for use in all public buildings from hotels, schools, hospitals to retail premises and many more.

When activated by the access entry system, an audible signal sounds for a few seconds as the latches are withdrawn, allowing the door to be pulled open. The motor then drives the latches back into position to secure the door. The timed opening can be set to within a range of 3 to 30 seconds or alternatively a timed controller can be used allowing access at specific times throughout the day.

The Motorised Touch Bar can be used for timber, PVC-U, aluminium and steel doors up to the size of 2585mm high by 840mm wide. For doors exceeding these dimensions extra wide touch bars of 1170mm are available.

The Motorised Touch Bar is available in standard Silver EPS and Black with Green cross arm BGN powder coated finishes and Satin Stainless Steel SSSP plated finish. Other colours may be available for special order.