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Polyfoam XPS insulation


Extruded polystyrene (XPS) insulation may be the best all-round thermal insulation product you don’t know about. Think of it in sporting terms. You can probably name the fastestever man to run the 100 metres, not least because Usain Bolt is a household name around the world. But can you name the best decathlete in the world? We’d guess not. Despite being arguably the better allround athlete, the multi-event decathlon just doesn’t generate the same headlines as athletics’ most celebrated event. There are plenty of insulation materials that shout about having the lowest thermal conductivity and being the thinnest available solution. That’s headline grabbing stuff. It’s a common misconception, however, that a material with the best thermal efficiency also has the highest compressive strength and is the most robust solution too. That’s like assuming that Usain Bolt is not only the fastest sprinter but can also do the highest pole vault and throw a javelin the furthest. It simply isn’t the case. Polyfoam XPS insulation – the first choice for ground floor applications As a manufacturer of extruded polystyrene, at Polyfoam XPS we’re the first to let you know that we don’t offer the thinnest possible solution. That’s because we’re confident that we offer the best all-round floor insulation solution – whatever headlines the manufacturers of other materials might grab.

For only a few extra millimetres of thickness, you also get two or more times the compressive strength of a typical PIR insulation board, better moisture tolerance, and a more robust solution that can stand up to the rigours of site without needing to protect a delicate foil facing.

Possibly the biggest advantage of Polyfoam XPS is that it can be installed below the damp proof membrane. We’ve heard plenty of stories where PIR boards have been installed, incorrectly, below the DPM in a ground floor. Being potentially exposed to moisture like that, their long-term thermal performance cannot be guaranteed.

By contrast, Polyfoam XPS’s Floorboard range can be installed below the DPM and will offer the same thermal performance even if exposed to moisture. As well as that reassurance, it’s possible to detail the floor with one less membrane layer, giving a time and cost saving on site. Oh, and just in case you thought we couldn’t name the men’s decathlon record holder – at the time of writing, Kevin Mayer of France holds the highest ever points total. We think he deserves to be more well known

To find out more about why Polyfoam XPS should be your first choice of floor insulation solution, visit polyfoamxps.co.uk or contact technical@polyfoamxps.co.uk