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Polyseam Launches a new range of interior paint that is decorative, eco-friendly and fire rated!


Protecta® INTERIOR PAINT FR-1 is a hard-wearing interior acrylic paint, formulated to the highest specification and offering unsurpassed intensity of colour. However, this is not just another decorative paint, it also offers excellent coverage and has the best possible fire classification, transforming combustible walls, roofs and ceilings to non-combustible surfaces. By simply painting over existing water or solvent based paints with Protecta® INTERIOR PAINT FR-1, you immediately upgrade the fire integrity for up to 30 minutes, thus safeguarding against the spread of fire. 


The wood based substrate can be installed with a ventilated or a non-ventilated air gap behind, as well as without air gap. Some of the values are from upcoming ETA’s. 1000μ = 1.0mm, WFT = Wet Film Thickness.
This durable paint contains no hazardous chemicals and is emissions free, with almost zero volatile organic compounds (VOC). It is possibly the first on the market to be CE marked and has full European Technical Assessment (ETA) approval.

Therefore, painting offices, schools, hospitals or even your home does not have to be done when no one is around. With a 12-year life expectancy, this paint can be cleaned with just a damp cloth without risk of wash off. All colours are water-based and provide a smooth, rich and non-reflective finish. Kjetil Bogstad, Chief Executive Office at Polyseam said, “We have invested a lot of time and money in the research and development of this new and innovative paint and I am thrilled to be launching this product across Europe.

I am also extremely proud of the efforts put in by the different departments at Polyseam that made this concept a reality and to be able to introduce another product that is not just useful but can help save lives.” Initially Available in 47 colours (Classic White, Egg White, Cotton, Cream, Seashell, Beige, Coffee Cream, Magnolia, Warm Grey and Steel Smoke. However, with our state of the art tinting machines we have the ability to product up to 4 million colours to match almost any décor. Protecta® INTERIOR PAINT FR-1: Durable robust and designed to last. 2.Non Toxic & Emission Free not harmful to you or the environment. 3.Fire Resistant protecting your homes, schools, hospitals and office buildings. 4.Excellent Coverage saving time and money. To find out more about Polyseam visit www.polyseam.co.uk or follow Protecta: twitter.com/protectafire facebook.com/protectafire

For more information about Protecta visit www.protecta.co.uk