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Poorly designed offices cost UK businesses billions of pounds a year.


Every organisation is interested in how their offices can run efficiently and effectively. How the physical limitations of an environment can affect the team is often alarming, once an efficient way of working is established the benefits to the business can be huge. A comprehensive and detailed review of an organisation’s existing or proposed workplace requirements can be invaluable. 

Every office design should help staff naturally collaborate and interact as well as support their wellbeing. The ergonomics of your office furniture are equally, if not more important than the aesthetic aspects, as innovations in furniture are developed there are simpler ways to meet a wide range of needs.

Your employees will work more efficiently and effectively in a well-designed workspace, an environment that enhances their productivity and suits your business needs, allowing your team to work at optimum efficiency whilst minimising stress on individuals. Work has now become a transitional activity, beginning from home, taking place in multiple locations, evolving into something we do for 14 hours rather than the traditional 8 hours at the office.



Collaboration has become a buzzword, businesses now recognise that teams find better solutions faster than individuals. Utilising the collective knowledge and focusing it through collaborative working environments can be key to business growth. This is not to say that it doesn’t create some challenges, with open plan environments increasing noise and distractions, further increasing the importance of detailed space planning  to create key settings throughout the office. Giving team members the chance for privacy and concentrated working.

This approach is known as the ‘Agile Workspace’. This is the view that you create key areas throughout the workspace to suit specific activities, similar to at home where we have specific rooms equipped for a particular function. Furniture products if used correctly can support functional diversity that reduces the cost of real estate as more people can work effectively in a smaller space.


Turn-key Project Management with Modular Workspace

In 1994 when we started as an office furniture supplier, we regularly received requests for contractor recommendations, with clients often struggling to find and manage all the sub-contractors required.

Our clients wanted to know that they had a trusted single point of contact, one person accountable for managing budgets, contractors and ensuring the project met its deadline. Since becoming a turn-key office fit-out specialist, we have undertaken projects of all scales and regardless of project size it is well worth considering a turn-key solution. Simply put it is the fastest and most cost-effective method of office design and refurbishment.

Our expertise covers traditional and innovative design methods, cost and project management as well as services integration. Modular Workspace are a well-established leading project management company that specialise in precise organisation of the different contractors required for even the most demanding projects. Innovation and tailored solutions are our passion, but not at the expense of practicality and suitability for the client, we are here to offer the best solution for your business. We understand the importance of coordination and services integration throughout the design and implementation process.  We take the time to build a comprehensive brief of your project, whether you prefer a funky, vibrant office or a more traditional look and feel. We can tailor the space to enhance your brand image.

Our team are trained and our values instilled into their daily work to ensure you have people working on your projects that are experts in their field. Your dedicated project manager will guarantee all the team are working seamlessly to deliver and surpass your requirements.

If you are interested in how our team can make a difference to your business, visit our website or contact us and we will be in touch.


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