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Portsmouth City Council chooses DMS to protect deaf and hard of hearing people


Portsmouth City Council has installed DMS (Deaf Message Service), a new fire safety product that informs deaf or hard of hearing people when the fire alarm sounds, in its civic offices.

DMS gives deaf and hard of hearing people the freedom to move around public places like supermarkets, shopping centres or libraries without worry of missing an emergency situation, informing them when the fire alarm sounds. It also helps service providers and employers comply with the Equality Act.

A spokesperson for Portsmouth City Council comments, ‘Deaf people are active members of society so it’s only right that organisations like ours should provide for all their special needs, especially by ensuring that they are safe and secure whilst on our premises.’

DMS is a very simple solution as it uses text messaging (SMS) to alert people that a fire alarm is sounding, a warning they could otherwise miss.

The DMS unit can be easily installed in under half an hour, and when the fire alarm sounds a text message (SMS) is sent to the mobile phone of connected users to let them know the fire alarm is sounding.

The user’s mobile is connected to DMS by sending one text with the relevant location code, they are then registered under that location and will be sent a text should the fire alarm sound.

Unlike pager systems, DMS allows deaf or hard of hearing people to use what they already have with them; a mobile phone.

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