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For a cost effective, eco friendly solution to refurbish, clean & maintain polished floors, The Preparation Group’s double sided Storm Diamond Pads are the answer. Designed to fit the STG450 and most other types of surface texturing, auto scrubbing and polishing machines, they are capable of turning heavily trafficked, stained and contaminated surfaces into a hygienically clean high gloss finish.

Says Tracey Glew, Managing Director of the floor preparation experts; ’Storm Diamond Pads give significant cost savings because they are the only double sided diamond impregnated pad currently available on the market, meaning that they last twice as long as competing pads covering at least 60,000m2.  They also contain 33% more diamond than competing pads for quicker, more effective results. An excellent finish can be achieved by using the Storm Pad ‘dry’ however, with the application of just water, not harsh chemicals, the floor can be cleaned quicker, the pad will last longer and an enhanced shine can be achieved. A great result with both improved productivity and sustainability.’

Storm Diamond Pads are available in 400, 800, 1500 and 3000 grades. The coarsest 400 pad is designed to effectively refurbish surfaces by removing the build-up of grime. This can then be followed by working up through the finer grit sizes to achieve a deep clean and high shine polish.

The pads produce optimum results on resin floor surfaces, epoxy, terrazzo, marble, natural stone and concrete. More recently, through extensive trails, the finer 1500 and 3000 grade pads have been proven to effectively maintain vinyl – where it was previously thought that the process would prove too harsh.

Storm Diamond Pad grades and applications:

400 Grade Heavy duty cleaning.For deep cleaning of damaged, scratched floors and for the removal of surface contaminants.

Leaves a matt finish.

800 Grade General cleaning of heavily soiled floors.For removing light scratches and staining from areas of heavy traffic , restoring the floor back to its original state.

Leaves a light gloss finish.

1500 Grade General cleaning of lightly soiled floors. The most popular pad in the range. For quick and effective floor maintenance.

Leaves a gloss finish.

3000 Grade Cleaning lightly used floors. For areas of light traffic . Can be used for daily maintenance of a ‘sound’ floor where an exceptionally shiny floor is desired.

Leaves a high gloss/mirror finish.

Storm Diamond pads are very simple to use. The first step is to ensure that the surface is swept clean and that any loose material has been removed, to avoid damage to the pad. The pad then needs to be fitted to the scrubber/dryer machine in the same way as any other conventional cleaning pad. Storm Diamond Pads can be used ‘dry’ or ‘wet’. With the application of water, the floor can be cleaned quicker, the pad will last longer and an enhanced shine can be achieved. When the machine is in action, the rotating operation, pad pressure and speed will affect the cleaning/polishing process. Storm Diamond Pads are designed to be washed after use and as a guide, each side of the pad will cover approximately 30,000m2.or 60,000m2 in total before it will need to be changed.

For further information or a demonstration on how Storm Diamond Pads refurbish and maintain dull, worn floors, call The Preparation Group on 01522 561460 or visit www.ppcgroup.co.uk