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Practical and Aesthetic Facade Maintenance Equipment for the QP District


The QP District (formerly known as the Barwa Financial District) in Qatar, is in the final phase of construction.

Covering roughly  693,400 m2 (7 463 700 ft²) , the QP District consists of nine office towers and a five star hotel ranging in height from 21 to 52 stories. The office towers will serve as the headquarters of Qatar Petroleum. Additionally, the district will accommodate restaurants, a conference center, a prayer hall and a large shopping mall.

The prestigious project, with its beautiful, but intricate facades, posed some challenges for the design of the facade maintenance equipment. When Dutch company XSPlatforms was approached the client requested a solution that had a minimal impact on the appearance of the building.

Never one to shy away from a challenge, XSPlatforms looked for the most practical solution that would have the least effect on the aesthetics of the building. By working closely with the architect and the client XSPlatforms´ engineers came up with a proposal that took all the clients wishes and needs into account.

This close cooperation resulted in a tailored solution. All QP District buildings will be fitted with a special custom-built telescopic facade maintenance system. Eight of these machines are fixed installations and three are traversing units. The largest unit has a maximum horizontal outreach of 34 meters (111.5 feet).

At this moment the building maintenance units are being installed on the first towers in the QP District. The entire project is expected to be completed by 2013. Click here to view our website!