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Bathrooms & Washrooms

Pressalit Care introduces it’s select washbasin with optional height adjustment


Integrated handrails are a key feature of the new Select washbasin from Pressalit Care, leaders in the design of flexible bathroom furnishings. Ergonomically styled, the new washbasin has the option of being fitted with a discreet, height adjustable basin bracket for maximum flexibility. The simple and minimalistic design of the Select washbasin means it can fit easily into any bathroom environment where extra support is required.

The two integrated handles at the front of the Select basin provide a safe and secure grip for users wanting to support themselves while standing, or to manoeuvre themselves while seated. The shallow design of the bowl means that users are able to get close in to operate the tap, and wheelchairs can be easily positioned without obstruction.

To prevent water spillage, the Select washbasin features raised edges along the back and sides. Manufactured from coated marble, the basin is hygienic and easy to clean.
At 600mm wide, the basin is suitable for bathrooms requiring optimal use of space. It can withstand a maximum weight of 200kg.

Where maximum flexibility is needed, such as in bathrooms used by multiple users in lifetime, care and nursing homes, the optional height adjustable basin bracket is the ideal solution. The newly designed bracket, produced in anthracite to compliment the white basin, is compact and enclosed with smooth lines and surfaces making it easy to keep clean.

By incorporating the basin bracket, the washbasin can be adjusted by a height of 300mm either by an electronic lever or hand control.

The Select electric wash basin bracket is suitable for specification in Changing Places installations.

Pressalit Care will be extending the range of Select wash basins later in the year.

For more information contact Pressalit Care on 0844 8806950 email uk@pressalit.com or got to www.pressalit.com