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Pressalit Care toilet seats now with added Polygiene


For the ultimate in hygiene, Pressalit Care has introduced the antibacterial Polygiene finish to its range of toilet seats.

Polygiene is a 100% natural product which prevents bacteria from spreading. Made up of silver salts – which are found in our drinking water and sea water – Polygiene is perfectly safe both to users and to the environment.

Available to order, the treatment is added as an integrated part of the toilet seat manufacture, and so, unlike many other surface treatments, never fades. Polygiene has been certified and tested to the highest safety standards, so Pressalit Care’s toilet seats with the added finish can be used with the highest level of confidence.

Designed for particular use by the elderly and those with special physical needs, Pressalit Care’s range of toilet seats take into account the difference in size and shape of the human body. Ergonomically designed, functional and attractive, the Dania, Colani and Ergosit styles are made of high-quality thermoset plastic, making them highly durable and easy to clean, and are available in a choice of colours – white, red, blue, and anthracite.

Solid stainless steel hinges are just what is needed for a sense of security and stability – but an additional cross bar for stability comes as standard on all seats treated with Polygiene, making them ideal for more demanding environments. The three styles have been designed to suit different personal requirements, such as for those requiring sideways transfer; a large, wide surface with good support; or with a curved bowl to support and stabilise the pelvic region.

As recommended in BS8300, stability buffers come as standard on these Pressalit Care toilet seats, ensuring the seat sits very securely on the toilet bowl, even with sideways pressure.

Raised and slanted versions are also available; Pressalit Care recommends that suitability for use with third party sanitary ware should be checked prior to fitting.

Pressalit Care toilet seat styles in detail:

Dania: An anatomically well-designed seat suitable for most people. The seat is relatively flat, making sideways transfer possible. When raised, the cover makes a good back support. A version with an open front is also available, making it suitable for use as a bidet using a hand shower.

Ergosit: Well suited for larger adults with digestive problems, the Ergosit has a large, wide sitting surface with good support. The seat’s contoured surface simulates the bowels by pressing and acting on the thigh muscles and nerves.

Colani: The curved bowl shape supports and stabilises the pelvic region with raised side edges easy to hold when the body needs to be stabilised. This seat is well suited to children (aged 6+) with muscular atrophy.

For more information Pressalit care on Tel: 0844 8806950 email:uk@pressalit.com or visit www.pressalit.com