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Glass & Glazing Partitions

Quality Aesthetic Finish


Komfort has launched a new range of deflection heads for its Polar glazed partitioning range, combating the issue of building movement without compromising on the aesthetic finish.

The main problem arising from the phenomenon of building movement is how to create a visually acceptable solution for deflection heads. Deflection head details are designed to accommodate movement in the structural slab when live loads are applied, making them an increasingly vital component in internal partitioning designs. In fact, many structural engineers now routinely request that architects allow for deflection within their designs.

Komfort’s new deflection head system, incorporating new slimline sections, is available in a 2 part or 3 part section. The 2 part head for single glazed systems can cope with a structural movement under a live load of ±15 and ±25 mm. The 3 part head is suitable for both single and double glazed partitioning and solid drywall and has the same movement capacity as the 2 part head.

Both comprise interlocking sections that create a telescopic channel at the head of the partition to absorb movement within the structure, incorporating gaskets, insulation and acoustic foam to provide a sturdy barrier to eliminate potential movement of glass within the frame. The new Polar deflection heads are suitable for glazing-to-glazing and glazing-to-drywall systems, making it an all round solution. Furthermore, to assist contractors with installation, Komfort has produced a series of installation videos demonstrating the correct way to fit the new deflection heads in a variety of situations.

As you would expect, Komfort’s deflection heads have been designed to achieve the same high performance standards as the rest of the Polar range. Fire performance levels of 30/30 is achieved in all variants of the range. Komfort has invested in structural testing for each head detail to give specifiers reassurance when choosing a product for a guarding location.

Matt Peake, of Komfort said: “The challenge for creating deflection heads has always been presenting an aesthetically satisfying finish that all parties – including the end client – are happy with. Komfort’s new deflection head offering surpasses these requirements, providing a sleek, stable and quality finish to accompany our Polar partitioning system.