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A host of international projects depicting the Kalzip FC rainscreen system are featured in an impressive new 20 page colour brochure which is also available to download. Ideal for new build and refurbishment projects, Kalzip’s quick-fit FC rainscreen system is installed on vertically fixed modular click rails – each lightweight panel is simply hooked at the top and then ‘clicked’ into place at the bottom.

Openly available to all building and cladding contractors, the Kalzip FC rainscreen system is economical and easy to install. The system’s innovative bi-directional (top down / bottom up) installation capability can also have an extremely positive impact on the site programme and allow for more flexible project scheduling. When working around on-site obstacles such as scaffold connections for example, individual FC rainscreen panels can be omitted and then quickly installed once the scaffolding has been removed.

Similarly, in the event of future damage or a desire to change the façade’s appearance, the stylish FC system allows for individual panels to be quickly replaced without affecting adjacent components, thereby negating the costly task of renewing large areas of the façade. Being a non-penetrative rainscreen system, no rivets or screws are used to install the FC panels and importantly, there are no visible fixings.

Suitable for installation onto all common substructures from existing masonry to lightweight steel framing, the rear-ventilated, metal plank FC rainscreen system is equally suitable for internal applications. Supplied with edge folding as standard, panels are available in various cover widths ranging from 250mm – 500mm and in lengths of up to 8 metres.

Adjustable aluminium back-fixing accessories enable the Kalzip FC rainscreen to be aligned solely via the substructure. To cater for special details, complementary mono-click brackets are available for use with the modular click rails which provides architects with tremendous creative design scope and flexibility. Vertical joints are neatly achieved with pilaster and corner flashings whilst fully integrated corner panels add subtle harmony and enhance the overall aesthetics of the façade.

Kalzip FC rainscreen panels are available in a wide range of RAL / PVDF colours and smooth surface finishes including stucco embossed aluminium. Special micro-ribbed and perforated panels can also be supplied on request.

The comprehensive new brochure covers all aspects of the FC rainscreen system including design options, individual components and panel installation details. For more information and your own copy of the ‘Kalzip FC rainscreen system’ brochure, please visit: www.kalzip.com