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Redelco Residence Studio City


Redelco ResidenceRedelco Residence Studio CityRedelco House

Description: In early 1994, the architects began work on the project and while in construction (demolition, grading and foundations) the owner, due to circumstances beyond his control, halted all construction of the project. Seven years later the owner returned to the architects and asked them to complete the partially constructed house. Due to code changes, city ordinances and a wide variety of obstacles it was determined that the house was unable to be completed as originally designed.

Studio City HouseRedelco Residence Studio CityRedelco Residence California

After much consideration the client asked the architect if it were possible to alter/remodel the partially constructed house, which was a remodel/addition to a 1970’s ranch style house, into a project that fit into current zoning and structural codes. The owner also requested that the house’s footprint and partially constructed foundations remain to avoid the need for further entitlements and delays on an already long overdue and difficult hillside site.