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Refurbished Daylighting Aids Swimmers


Stoakes Systems Ltd: The University of Liverpool Sports and Fitness Centre pool, originally built in 1966, has been transformed by using Kalwall to replace the existing single glazed bolted glass assembly. The £2.5 million refurbishment was designed by Atkins.

Replacement of the glazing on the Oxford Street side of the pool with this environmentally- friendly cladding and rooflighting system was a major element of the refurbishment. The Kalwall not only reduces the amount of energy needed to warm the pool in winter, while keeping it cool in summer, but also provides privacy. A new false ceiling above the pool and the installation of an energy efficient mechanical plant also make carbon savings.

Importantly, the translucent system transmits diffused natural daylight into the pool area – without the glare and stark contrasts of light and shade produced by conventional glazing. This is of particular advantage for swimmers and lifeguards because it reduces ‘veiling’ glare on the surface of the water.

Highly insulating Kalwall gives a much enhanced U value of 0.78W/m2K – this can be increased to 0.28 by introducing Lumira aerogel within the panels to provide the same insulation value as a solid wall.

Apart from being specified for all types of new build, Kalwall is increasingly used for the refurbishment of aged buildings, particularly to replace failed cladding or curtain-walling and old rooflighting. Project and technical information about Kalwall is available from Stoakes Systems Ltd (tel 020 8660 7667) or downloadable from www.stoakes.co.uk