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RIDI Lighting Release Major Wattage Reductions For Popular 600×600 Luminaires


Having recently expanded its German facility to include the production of LED boards, RIDI has successfully reduced the power consumption of its EBRME-LED 600×600 luminaires from 68w to 45w. The increased energy saving makes the luminaire a viable, affordable replacement for T5 schemes. RIDI has also expanded the EBRME-LED range to include a variety of sizes and finishes, including a new tunable option that balances variable colour temperatures (2700/6500k) in synergy with an astronomical clock and a new micro-prismatic finish for the fixed light variations which adds an improved level of distribution and pleasant aesthetic.

“The idea behind us taking control of LED production was to provide efficient, reliable and affordable LED versions of our most popular luminaires, offering clients an achievable upgrade path to LED,” says Mike Attard, Managing Director at RIDI UK. “The new EBRME-LED realises a significant energy reduction and offers the 50,000hr projected lifespan that you’d expect from a quality LED product. With LED production now occurring in-house, we can guarantee the quality of our LED luminaires and offer them at an extremely competitive price-point. We can also control our supply of boards as well as offer bespoke solutions for modest quantities. “

The new fixed light 45w versions of the EBRME-LED offer an output in excess of 95 luminaire lumens per watt. Available in 600x600mm and 1200x300mm variants, the luminaire can also be sealed to protect against the ingress of dust and water splashes to IP54 rating. Along with the 45w version, RIDI is also producing a 22w/2700 lumen version and a 500mA/3600 lumen variation upon request. Colour 840 and 830 versions are available as standard.

The tunable versions of the EBRME-LED range are also extremely efficient and balance two sets of LED chips with different colour temperatures. In areas such as classrooms and call centres, these two light sources balance both cool and warm light to replicate the light pattern of the sun throughout the day.

Proven to assist with levels of concentration and productivity, the tunable versions are perfect for areas lacking in natural light and any commercial or educational facility. Working with an astronomical clock, the output of the two LED sources varies in accordance with programmed control gear to automatically adjust throughout the day.

The new luminaire range is available in a selection of optical controllers ranging from opal acrylic panels, parabolic louvres and the new micro-prismatic finish. All variations on the range are backed by RIDI’s warranty (5 years for products with a rated service life of ≥ 50, 000 operating hours)