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A stove from RAIS, Denmark’s premier quality stove manufacturer, is a superior fusion of aesthetics and technology which combines form with function and design with craftmanship. The result? Exclusive eye-catching stoves that are in a league of their own.

With nearly 90 percent of RAIS products being exported to Western Europe and the United States, RAIS’s driving force is constant development and quality without compromise. With extensive industry knowledge and close attention paid with regards to worldwide trends, RAIS are forever expanding their product range and brand.

Earlier this year saw the launch of the Ecodesign Ready scheme, a new initiative aimed at lowering emissions and improving air quality becoming mandatory for all stoves by 2022. Due to the strictness of the new performance criteria many stoves on the market will need to be completely redesigned, however the majority of RAIS stoves already meet the mark due to the incorporation of the most advanced combustion technology, meaning RAIS stoves are already future proof.

2017 has already been a breakthrough year for RAIS, with the launch of its first ever stove to use gas as a fuel source. The VIVA L Gas aims to give customers the authentic fireplace experience with just the push of a button. RAIS’s new gas stove joins the award-winning VIVA L series which recently won the prestigious Red Dot Design Award for its customisable design and multiple design options.

Now available in three heights, thanks to the introduction of an extra tall 160 cm model, the VIVA L Series comes in six different colours and a variety of different finishes. RAIS welcomes their customers to tap into their own creative potential becoming co-designers of their stoves. The award winning RAIS customiser allows you to choose the shape, material and colour that will help spark a wealth of inspiration on how to decorate your home as well as creating a unique and individual style with a stove from RAIS.

Knowing that the difference is in the detail, the RAIS collection not only includes wood-burning & gas stoves but also a wide selection of accessories that create coherence, unity and synergy providing the perfect finishing touches.
This year, exclusively available in the UK, RAIS presented the Q-Tee 2C, a new curvaceous version of the extremely popular, minimalist Q-Tee 2. With the same robustness of construction but with a softer and more round profile, the new Q-Tee 2C features a large window pane providing a magnificent view of the flames. Available in two classic colours, black or platinum, the Q-Tee 2C can be customised to your liking and fits perfectly into any style of home.

As the official UK Importer & Distributor, RAIS stoves are exclusively available through Robeys and our valued network of retailers located throughout the UK and Ireland. Our purpose built riverside showroom also showcases a variety of RAIS stoves, many of which are exhibited in live displays. For further information on our RAIS fires and accessories visit our website www.robeys.co.uk or call us on 01773 820940.