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Ronafix – a new image but the same quality, strength and performance


Ronafix has long been established in the construction industry as a quality polymer admixture; its reliability, performance and consistency making it a firm favourite with clients, specifiers, contractors and distributors.

Ronafix is the worldwide number one product specified for major and minor projects throughout the world and has full BBA certification.

One thing that has changed about Ronafix is the appearance of the five litre bottle. As part of a product rebrand, Ronafix five litre is now contained in a black bottle made from recycled plastic. Each of the three applications has a different colour label; orange and black for screeds, aqua blue and black for waterproofing and a vibrant red and black for bonding and bedding.

“We knew that Ronafix is a product renowned for its quality for over forty years, but that wasn’t reflected in the packaging. People new to the industry could have dismissed it as “just another admixture” if they weren’t aware of the Ronafix history and reputation.”

The new branding makes the bottle stand-out amongst other similar products and the metallic effect makes the labels shine, reflecting the quality of the, four times BBA accredited, admixture they describe.” – Daniel Osen, Managing Director

Ronafix is the only SBR additive with four BBA certificates.

Ronafix BBA Approved admixture for screeds
British Board of Agrément – Certificate No. 89/2150
Ronafix Admixture for waterproof renders and tanking
British Board of Agrément—Certificate No. 86/1651
Ronafix BBA certified liquid admixture for concrete repair mortars
British Board of Agrément Certificate No. 89/2151
Ronafix Liquid admixture for bedding brick slips, paving & cladding
British Board of Agrément Certificate No. 89/2149
Other key features

Waterproof and frostproof
Excellent wear resistance
Can be applied in thin section
Improved compressive, tensile and flexural strength
Rapid drying – can receive floor coverings after 10 days @ 50mm
Will accept foot traffic after 24 hours
Compatible with underfloor heating systems

Ronafix manufacturer Ronacrete has been assessed and registered by the NQA for ISO 14001, which deals with Environmental Management, ISO 9001, the Quality Management standard and OHSAS 18001 which covers Occupational Health and Safety Management.