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A South Wales business has significantly reduced its carbon footprint through the installation of solar PV panels on its factory buildings. Solar Windows Ltd of Bedwas, Caerphilly, has invested in a 110.4 kWp Enfinity system, making it one of the largest installations of its type in the area.

The project sees Solar Windows Ltd, one of the leading manufacturers of PVC-U windows, working with Bridgend-based installation company Gibson Specialist Technical Services and Enfinity, a market leader in solar PV, to reduce the company’s energy bills. Some 470 Enfinity PV modules, which cover 777 square metres of pitched metal roof, allow the company to offset some of its considerable energy usage and to reduce its carbon emissions.

Enfinity4 image2 IMG_1314The 110 kWp installation has generated in excess of 99,360 kWh of clean electricity in its first year of operation, meaning that it has exceeded its estimated energy production. Paul Gibson, managing director of Gibson STS, said: “We are delighted to have had the opportunity to be involved in the Solar Windows project which was at the time of commissioning one of the largest installations of its type in South Wales”.

The FIT incentive scheme has now stabilised, with rates now fixed on installations from 50kWp to 250kWp until May 2013 at the earliest. Enfinity, which has developed over 400MWp total installed PV capacity worldwide, specialises in commercial installations like that at Solar Windows, and aims to increase its activity this year as equipment costs have reduced, giving solar PV installations an excellent return on investment again. Indeed payback on a typical 50kWp commercial solar PV system can be currently less than six years1, making the technology an excellent return on investment for commercial buildings, offices and agricultural buildings.

Mr Gibson continued: “It was a shame that the Feed-In-Tariff cuts last year reduced the number of installations that could be achieved. It’s great to see that the opportunity for completing more commercial installs has now resurfaced, and that the benefits for business in generating their own solar energy are as compelling as ever.”

The installation of solar PV at Solar Windows has benefited the company through its reliability, its low maintenance and its ease of install. The system on its factory buildings has enabled Solar Windows to turn its roof spaces into a source of revenue, and to demonstrate its green credentials to its customers and the wider business community.

Enfinity specialises in providing PV systems for businesses and is involved in many commercial projects across Wales and the UK, as well as globally. Through its UK Trade division the company supplies an extensive range of PV solutions for both the commercial and residential markets via a network of distributors and MCS accredited installers. Extensive experience in delivering PV systems of all sizes and types, and in all kinds of locations, means that Enfinity is able to find the optimum solution to meet its users’ and specifiers’ needs.

Further information is available from Enfinity on 01249 700490, by emailing tradeuk@enfinity.co.uk or by visiting the company’s website at www.enfinity.co.uk