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Roofshield used in complex roof


This unique and innovative private dwellinghouse in Aberdeenshire has used Roofshield breather membrane, supplied by the A. Proctor Group Ltd.

The architectural design is particulary distinctive being of circular form with split dual sloping roof. The construction form is based on high thermal efficiency timber frame using Scotframes Val-U-Therm system. The roof was particularly difficult with its geometry, almost like slating the inside of a bowl. 2.5 tonnes of Burlington Best random width slate has been laid on the roof.

On such a complex roof, the roofing contractors, John Rhind Slaters, wanted to make sure only the best vapour and air permeable membrane was used.

AP2Roofshield has unique vapour and air permeability characteristics, which allows even the most complex of pitched roofs to breathe – without the need for traditional air gaps or secondary venting products. Roofshield is as easy to install as traditional roofing felt.

The very low vapour resistance of 0.09MNs/g combined with high air permeability reduces the potential for interstitial condensation as far as is possible, and without the requirement to use a vapour control layer, thus giving a robust and dependable solution that can be specified with confidence.

For further information related to the A. Proctor Group’s range of Breather Membranes, or any of their other product ranges, please visit www.proctorgroup.com