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RTF Turf is the new generation of turf


RTF turf is a new generation of turf that has outstanding benefits from its drought tolerance, deep routing capability to its high traffic tolerance and disease and insect resilience to name just a few. Inturf are pleased to announce that our new RTF turf will be available this summer and we are now taking a waiting list for requirements.

So, what does RTF mean? RTF stands for Rhizomatous Tall Fescue. Unlike traditional tall fescues, RTF offers unique advantages that result in a healthier, more vibrant turf. With its ability to quickly repair damaged areas and resist common issues like weed growth, RTF Turf stands out as a practical and effective solution for those seeking low-maintenance, high-quality grass.

RTF offers great tolerance to drought or waterlogged conditions through its deep routing capability meaning less watering and greater adaptability to various soil conditions. Its extensive root system means it can repair damaged areas and fill bare spots with new shoots of grass providing a self-repairing turf. RTF reduces the need for frequent overseeding and reduces the formation of unsightly clumps, giving you a consistently beautiful turf.

With its exceptional resilience, low maintenance requirements and environmental benefits RTF is suitable for certain sports grounds, professional landscaping, public gardens and open green spaces.

Independent trials have been commissioned with Sports Turf Research Institute (STRI) to assess the wear performance and recovery and the surface traction strength of RTF in comparison with traditional perennial ryegrass mixtures for heavy-wear applications.

These trials concluded that RTF offered significantly better surface stability and traction grip than other perennial ryegrass turf. Also confirming excellent recovery capabilities even after severe wear stress following a short establishment period. RTF was less affected in the trial by critical drought stress conditions than other species and proved to be more stable.

If RTF turf sounds of interest for your next project or you would like more information, then get in touch with the Inturf office today and we can add you to the waiting list for this summer.

Call 01759 321000 or visit our website https://inturf.com/