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Salice Slider 10 has attractive advantages


SALICE’s new Slider S10 two-door coplanar sliding system has taken the UK market by storm, with its combined reliability, streamlined look and ergonomic advantages, having wide appeal with todays modern designers.

SLIDER S10 is a completely new coplanar sliding system which is suitable for  kitchen cabinets, sideboards and small wall cabinets, up to a weight of 10kg.        Due to the horizontal dual-roller carriages and joint free tracks, S10 is able to achieve unrivalled smoothness of movement, with decelerated opening and closing.

In addition, S10 has been designed by SALICE to offer versatile and easy installation as the modular design means that the S10 can be fitted to cabinets of any size. All that is required are fixing with screws, with no additional drilling is required on the door or cabinet.

SALICE will be showing the system at the SICAM exhibition at Pordenone, 15-18th October 2013.

SALICE’s products are specified for use within kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms, living rooms, and offices, and in a variation of domestic and commercial environments.

For further information on the SALICE product range please telephone 01480 413831, email info.salice@saliceuk.co.uk or visit SALICE online at www.saliceuk.co.uk