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School counts on Yeoman Shield wall and door protection


Maintenance staff at Ormesby School in Middlesbrough figured out that they could count on Yeoman Shield (the UK’s market leader in wall and door protection) to provide a long term solution to expensive and time consuming maintenance and re-decoration.

Yellow Yeoman Shield FalmouthEx wall panels, which have a fine stippled surface for effectively ‘reducing’ unsightly scratches and abrasions, were installed in corridor areas along with complementary panels (in Yellow and Black) complete with inlaid room numbers to help guide pupils to their classrooms.

The school’s site manager, explained:

“Rather than embark on a costly repainting programme, we decided to use Yeoman Shield products.”

For further details on Yeoman Shield products visit www.yeomanshield.com, email sallyann@yeomanshield.com or telephone 0113 279 5854.