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Scolmore leads the way with SMD technology


Having last year launched one of the most efficient replacements for the 60W incandescent with its Energetic SMD LED 11W A60 lamp, Scolmore has continued to develop its SMD technology and latest advancements means the company is now able to offer new dimmable options.

There are now SMD LED dimmable versions of the 60W and 40W replacement lamps and the company promises there are more to come. The new 60W replacement dimmable option offers 806 lumens with a 12W lamp and the 40W replacement dimmable lamp offers 470 lumens with a 7.5 lamp. Scolmore has also added a 4.5W dimmable version of the existing 4W SMD LED – 35W replacement – and has plans to further develop the range to include candle and mini globe lamps.

Comments Marie Parry, marketing manager: “Having set out to be the first to market with SMD LED lamps in 2012, we knew that the next stage would be to develop dimmable options and we have been working hard on the technology to be able to do this. We are now able to offer dimmable replacements for 60W, 40W and 35W lamps and will continue to develop the technology to expand our offer even further.”

SMD’s are the new generation of LED lighting enabling manufacturers to produce lamps that offer a better quality light output, are more affordable and continue to offer the significant energy savings associated with LED technology.

Scolmore’s Energetic SMD lamp collection is divided into two ranges – SMD Economy and SMD Performance – each designed to bring to the market competitively priced, superior quality LED lamps that are suitable replacements for any incandescent lamp.

For further information on the new Energetic SMD LED Lighting collection, contact Scolmore on 01827 63454, or visit www.scolmore.com.