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Senior’s on the Case


To aid and inspire specifiers during the design process, Senior’s have launched a portfolio of sixteen diverse case studies of projects recently completed in the UK. Projects range from the Grand Pier at Weston-super-Mare to the stunning Marks & Spencer flagship Eco Store at Ellesmere Port.

Many of the projects have achieved a BREAAM rating and use a significant amount of glazing, proving that when correctly designed, in conjunction with high thermal efficiency doors, windows and curtain wall framing, glazing actually contributes to sustainability. Designers can specify either high performance aluminium or the ground breaking aluminium timber composite system, ‘Hybrid’. Both profiles are available in a wide range of systems from Senior’s to accommodate any design requirements.

To ensure optimised use of high performance glazing coupled with aluminium or ‘Hybrid’ profiles, it is important to seek advice at the early concept design stages to ensure both insulation and solar gain characteristics of the design are positive for the buildings useful life and contribute towards a sustainable high BREAAM result. Senior’s provide dedicated specialists to advise on selecting the best products to suit any project requirements.

Further case studies are already being produced which will demonstrate Senior’s experience across a wide range of building types. It is hoped that all case studies will offer inspiration and advice to specifiers.

Case studies are available in both PDF and printed form, PDF copies can be downloaded from the company’s website at www.seniorarchitectural.co.uk, please contact Senior’s head office in Doncaster for printed copies.