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Simple Changing Places


Specification of, and architectural drawings for, ‘state-of-the-art’ accessible toilets is simplified with a new facility.

The National Building Specification (NBS) service has used expertise from Clos-o-Mat, the UK’s leading disabled toileting solutions provider, to add a complete raft of details for Changing Places accessible toilets to its range of specification products.

Now, all equipment required for a compliant Changing Places hygiene room can be ‘drag and dropped’ from the online resource, ensuring the specification is completely accurate. A Changing Places toilet/hygiene room is a new recommendation under Building Regulations, and delivers more space and more equipment than conventional Document M type accessible toilets.

“Specification is an essential part of the design process. A badly written specification can cause major problems for every member of the project team, and can cost the client a great deal of money. A well written specification can enhance project delivery and save money,” explains Robin Tuffley, Clos-o-Mat marketing manager. “We are increasingly recognized as the experts in the provision of Changing Places facilities and similar hygiene rooms, so are best positioned to provide all the technical detailing, CAD drawing etc to incorporate into a project. With the new facility, those details can be quickly and easily inserted into plans as required.”

The NBS service compliments Clos-o-Mat’s comprehensive range of support for Changing Places toilets, including a white paper available for download on its website www.clos-omat.com, and a complete project management service to ensure a smoothly executed and compliant Changing Places facility. The company has a proven track record on the supply of fully accessible toilets, including many of the 500+ Changing Places facilities already installed across the country.