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Hinge specialists Salice, have augmented their product offering, with class-leading co planar sliding door solutions that offer smooth, silent and high-quality performance in all situations.

Within the range, the Slider L coplanar sliding mechanism can be used for door sizes up to 2000mm in width and 3000mm height, and of weights up to 100kg.

Applied on the upper part of suitably sized cabinets, Slider L allows the construction of wardrobes and storage units with two, three, or multiple coplanar sliding doors. In addition, the decelerating system ensures that the final opening and closing phase of each door is completed in a smooth and silent movement. The mechanism is also equipped with an optional front cover, which can be customised to suit each clients’ requirements.

The Slider L is one of a family of coplanar mechanisms that are suitable for use within a wide range of furniture production, including bedrooms, kitchens and modern living room designs.

With technical reliability and exclusive design, Slider L is a preferred choice for designers, architects and manufacturers keen to incorporate innovative and modern furniture designs, which maximise space and storage, without compromising on style.

For further information on the Salice product range please telephone 01480 413831, email info.salice@saliceuk.co.uk  or visit SALICE online at www.saliceuk.co.uk