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Smaller, smarter Levolan


Compact and modular, the brand new Levolan 60 manual sliding door system for interior use with Smart fix is coming to the UK this summer, and is already a hit with European designers.

GEZE UK’s Levolan 60 has been developed specifically for lighter doors of 60kg or less, using small fittings integrated into an extremely slim 50mm-high runner and entirely hidden from view. Suitable for wood, glass or metal door leaves, this latest addition to the Levolan range is small, stylish and simple to install.

Andy Howland, GEZE UK’s sales director, commented: “For designers wanting a premium finish, but without the hassle of a costly installation, the Levolan 60 is ideal. Stylish and modern, the Levolan 60 is perfect for contemporary apartments and office blocks. And one system is suitable for any type of door leaf, as long as it weighs less than 60kg – so it’s flexible too.”

Also available with GEZE’s special damping system, Levolan 60 SoftStop is one of the safest systems of its kind on the market. The sliding door leaves are guided gently and safely into the end position, with no more banging into the frame or the buffer. The risk of fingers being trapped is almost totally excluded. The lift protection is activated as soon as the door leaf is hung, automatically providing further safety.

The Smart fix installation system uses just an Allen key and a flat wrench for support, making it straightforward and easy to hang any type of door leaf, and adjust the carriage from the front. Once this is done, the panels can be clipped into place without needing any additional tools or screws.