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Energy Saving

Smart blinds to save energy & cut household bills


Duette® energy-saving blinds are a wise investment for cost-conscious homeowners who want to lower their annual heating bills. An innovative design means Duette® blinds insulates windows and according to new research, can slash annual heating costs by up to 25%1. With the average heating bill now hovering around £597 per year2, this could mean a significant amount of money back into people’s pocket every year! 

Consumers can even work out how much energy they could save with these blinds in their own homes by using a nifty energy saving calculator on https://www.duette.co.uk/energysaver/


Experts claim a staggering 50% of domestic heat is lost through windows3, so preventing heat escaping through these ‘energy holes’ should be top of the list for anyone aiming to reduce heating bills and save energy.

Duette® blinds have been designed using a unique honeycomb construction that has been proven to reduce heat loss by up to 46% when fitted in a domestic window.


Save energy with style


Duette® has an extensive range and colour palette which means every room, and every window can be dressed beautifully.





Black Out 

Duette® is available in a black out option across the range. However there is also the choice of more translucent fabrics in a wide choice of on-trend colours. These create a stylish effect as light can diffuse beautifully into the room.

What’s more the blinds can be installed as a two-in-one setup, where both fabrics are used on the same window frame.

This option also means you can use the translucent fabric during the day, protecting furnishings from 99% of UV rays; and at night the blackout fabric provides privacy or even a better night’s sleep.

 Sounds good

Duette® and its clever design also means that acoustics are improved by up to 45%, preventing ambient sounds and echoes in larger rooms, and unwelcome noise from outside.

Perfect for conservatories

imageFor rooms with large glass expanses such as conservatories, Duette® is a fantastic choice as its design properties will keep rooms snug in the winter and cooly comfortable in the summer.

What’s more, when we’re lucky enough to enjoy a couple of months of sunshine, they cleverly prevent overheating by reducing solar heat through glass by up to 78%2. 

Prices start from £150 for a 600mm x 400mm blind. To find out more about Duette® blinds visit www.duette.co.uk